Manticore Search is a lightweight SQL-focused database search engine. It is a continuation of Apache Sphinx with massive improvements. It is suitable for all search applications large or small, and has a great compatibility with CJK language sets. Manticore is open source, provides low latency and fast throughput for full-text search, stream filtering, and percolate queries. It is MySQL compliant, and also allows for JSON over HTTP/S.

AWS Listing

The RO Labs Manticore Search deployment can be installed just like any other AMI on AWS. Simply head to the product page, and follow the on-screen instructions for a deployment. We have provide an in-depth AMI deployment guide, should you need further configuration tips.

Database Integration

Each deployment of Manticore Search by RO Labs comes with a secured and ready to use environment. It also comes pre-installed with a local version of the MySQL client binary so you can work locally and confirm your instance running properly. With its SQL-first mentality, Manticore Search allows for a MySQL compatible interface over port 9306. Which can be configured within your AWS Security group. Refer to the instance configuration section on the RO Labs Manticore Search documentation page.


For deployment instructions and basic examples, refer to RO Labs Documentation page. There are also in-depth guides on Manticore Search and also a migration pattern from Sphnix to Manticore.